Platformer Cuphead Has Been Delayed To 2017

Inspired by the likes of early 1930’s animation such as Mickey Mouse or Betty Boop, Cuphead is an upcoming indie platformer by Studio MDHR.

Now, in a brand new blog post on their official website, the developers have announced that the game has been delayed to mid 2017. They mention how they had the option to either reduce the scope of the game in order to make a release in 2016, or to delay the launch in order to complete the game as it was originally intended. Thankfully, they chose the latter and decided to delay.


They said:

“Hey everyone, we wanted to finish our game 80 years after 1936 but it will now be 81.”

In Cuphead, players take on the role of the aptly named Cuphead, as he loses a bet to the devil and has to spend the duration of the game attempting to repay said debt. The game will feature a branching level sequence and is based around defeating a very large number of bosses, one after the other.

Game Development platform [email protected] Detailed

Cuphead is now set to release exclusively on the Xbox One and PC in mid 2017. The game is also one of the many upcoming titles in Microsoft’s [email protected] (Independent Developers @ Xbox) program.

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