Platinum Trophy Unbelievably Easy To Obtain In My Name Is Mayo

My Name Is Mayo was recently released on the PlayStaion store. This clicker game, developed and published by Green Lava Studios for Android and PC, is available for $0.99 only. As the title suggests, the game is about a Mayo Jar. All the player has to do is keep tapping on a jar to unlock levels and gain trophies. The game has a total of 51 trophies and all of them deal with clicking on the mayo jar in the middle of the screen a certain amount of times.

There is not much to say about the game as it is really very simple. Players, however, have mixed views about the game. Most think that it is a waste of time as it has no real value, while others feel that its low price makes it worth buying.


A person mentioned on Reddit that My Name Is Mayo is a good game for trophy hunters. People have actually been reported to earn all the trophies in just twenty to sixty minutes. Some other players, however, still think that even at a price of $0.99, the game is a rip off.

Despite all these comments, more than 80% of the reviews about the game on Steam are positive. That means players are actually enjoying game. Watch the trailer and decide for yourself. Tapping on a Mayo jar for a couple of minutes might actually be fun.


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