You Can Play Detroit: Become Human Starting Today With This Free Demo

Detroit: Become Human has received a free demo on the PlayStation Store. This demo wasn’t announced by Sony so this is a surprise release for the most part. Perhaps an announcement for it was due soon and this demo was released accidentally before the announcement for it. This can be the case since it is currently only available in the New Zealand PlayStation Store.

If you are interested in checking out the Detroit: Become Human demo, you can download it by making a New Zealand PlayStation Network account. This might be a good time to make one since in the past, games like Knack 2 have also been offered free of cost on the New Zealand store and it turned out to be another mistake.

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Maybe the full launch of the demo was planned for the official store update that usually happens tomorrow at the same time for North American and Europe. In any case, it can be a good way to preview the game before the official launch on May 25th.

If you want to know the file size for the demo, it is under 3 GB so you don’t really have to download a large demo just to get a sample of the game. It is based on the E3 reveal of the famous Rooftop hostage scene and judging from the content, it could be the most recent PAX demo.

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Detroit: Become Human will launch exclusively on the PS4 on May 25th.

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