Players Unable to Connect to Titanfall Servers

Xbox One and PC owners were finally able to get their hands on the highly anticipated First Person Shooter game Titanfall. But nothing went according to plan. Many players who tried to play Titanfall could not connect to the Titanfall servers. Many players waited at the connecting screen for more than 10-20 minutes but had no success in connecting to the servers  and took their anger and frustration out on Twitter. Few of the tweets are given below:


These are just a few out of the dozens of players who are having this issue. This isn’t something new that players are experiencing. In the past, games like SimCity, GTA Online, etc have had similar issues which were caused by the large amount of traffic at launch.Titanfall connecting

Respawn say there aren’t any issue on their side and said that the servers seem to be running fine. Hopefully this issue is resolved soon so that the players can enjoy the game they have been waiting for. For those who haven’t moved on to the Xbox One and own an Xbox 360, you can expect to get your hands on a 360 version of Titanfall on the 25th of March.

Abdullah Raza


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