Playground Games hiring more than 150 developers, possibly assembling team for new project

Forza Horizon 4 just came out and its excellent. So what are the game’s developers, Playground Games up to next?

The studio recently posted over 150 jobs (177 to be exact) at their LinkedIn, hiring everyone from Concept artists to Producers to Audio Programmers. This essentially means they’re cooking up a whole new team, probably for a brand new project.

Playground Studios will now probably have three divisions. One reserved for creating the next Forza Horizon game, which is obviously a questions of when and not if considering the success of Horizon 4.

The studio was also working on a Open-World RPG that was strongly rumored to be next Fable game. Playground was hiring acclaimed writers and poaching talent from studios that worked on open world games a few months back.

The third game is still a mystery but this hiring spree suggests it’ll be Triple-A. Could it be the rumored Berserk game? (Probably not).

After the jobs are filled Playground Games will be Microsoft’s second biggest first-party studio with over 400 developers. Microsoft’s biggest studio is Halo developers 343i with just over 500 developers. The third and fourth biggest are Gears developers The Coalition with over 300 developers and Battletoad (chirp!) developers Rare with over 200 developers.

What do you think this team could be for? I’m betting on a new IP, let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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