PlayStation 3 was the best selling console in North America for September

NPD Sales result have been just released and according to them, PlayStation 3 was the best selling in North America for the month of September. It has been a long while since we have seen PlayStation 3 at number 1 spot in North America.

The sales of PlayStation 3 were likely boosted by the exclusive Grand Theft Auto V bundle. This bundle came with Grand Theft Auto V, Pulse Wireless Headset and other exclusive goodies. Even if we don’t take this bundle sales in consideration, it is still a pretty good month overall for Sony who have been enjoying their success with PlayStation in rest of the world and Japan for a while now.

While PlayStation 3 might be the best selling console, it wasn’t the best selling hardware overall. This place belong to 3DS, which managed to move enough units to take the top place at the hardware sales. Xbox 360 came 2nd in console while Nintendo Wii U also received a huge boost of about 200% this month. Overall, this month was pretty good for gaming hardware and software.

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