PlayStation 4 1.7 Firmware Update Is The Biggest Update To-date – Rumor

Recently, Sony announced that the PlayStation 4 will be getting another Firmware Update soon, which will add a lot of new features to your PlayStation 4. Some of the new features are HD Streams on Twitch, video from your streams will be added to your selected destination, side bar chat, and these aren’t even all the features in the upcoming Firmware update.

There are still a few unannounced features in the upcoming firmware update which is scheduled to come out on the 30th of April, and with all these features coming out in a single update, this means that the update is going to be pretty big. On Twitter, Tidux tweeted, “1.7 is a major update, it’s the biggest that Sony has ever made. Features and size wise.”

The PlayStation 4’s Firmware Update 1.5 was the biggest Firmware update yet and it added important features like the ability to play games while downloading, remote play, sharing, and the update was 308 Mb in size. After Tidux was asked if the upcoming update was bigger than Firmware Update 1.5, he replied by saying “for sure.”


This update is going to be huge as Tidux said. He is a reliable source because he recently confirmed the release date of update 1.7 and the inclusion of the DualShock 4 dimming feature before they were announced.

The new Firmware Update will surely add a lot of important and useful features to the PlayStation 4. All of the features in the update haven’t been announced so we can expect a lot more from this upcoming update.

Abdullah Raza


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