PlayStation 4 Coming Out On November 22 Rumor Debunked By PS EU Blog Manager

As quickly as the rumor spread that GameStop confirmed an individual that he will be receiving his pre-order Killzone Shadow Fall PlayStation 4 bundle on November 22 instead of the original release date of PlayStation 4 being November 29 for Europe, PlayStation Europe Blog’s Manager, Fred Dutton, put the rumor to rest by saying that PlayStation 4 will be releasing on November 29 and no other date than that.

debunkSo the faint glimmer of hope that residents of the Europe continent felt momentarily has been buried deep. Looks like everyone will have to wait for the launch date to get their hands on the PlayStation 4, no exceptions of early deliveries for those who have pre-ordered.

PlayStation 4 is an upcoming next-generation console by Sony which will compete with Xbox One and Wii U in the eight-generation consoles category. Ever since its initial reveal back in February, PlayStation 4 has received nothing short of a successful widespread acclaim. Instead of posing DRM policies which Microsoft imposed initially with the Xbox One and later retracted, PlayStation 4 supports used disc games and doesn’t require to go online for verification checks in order to play games. PlayStation 4 is also dubbed as being more powerful than the Xbox One.

Stay tuned with us as we bring you more info regarding the launch of PlayStation 4.

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