PlayStation 4 System Bug Deletes Games from Library Automatically

It’s not surprising. The first batch of a newly released hardware always has certain minor faults and defects especially newly launched gaming consoles ship with considerable defects and flaws. Numerous PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One users have complained about the malfunctions and problems they were facing. Hardware and software imperfections and blemishes. The manufacturers of the both consoles officially addressed the issue and reassured that they are looking into the matter and it will be solved soon.

Quiet an interesting glitch has emerged for the PlayStation 4. According to a post on Reddit, games are automatically being deleted or “disappearing” from the console.

“This morning Killzone was missing from my system after only playing it 2 days ago and seeing it on my system last night while playing Outlast. After initializing the console last month I thought it had fixed the issue but it seems not. There are no error messages or anything to suggest there is a problem with the console.”

Several other users are having similar issue and have reported similar issues in the past. While the game’s data files are deleted, it seems the save files are relatively safe. The console in question has no modifications done to it and the user is logged in.

Sony has yet to comment on the matter but this a serious bug that Sony should look into as soon as possible. Hopefully this issue is resolved soon.

Abdullah Raza


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