PlayStation 4 Firmware Update 1.70 Causes DualShock 4 Vibration Malfunction

It seems that Firmware Update 1.70 for the PlayStation 4 has cause more problems then solutions. It has caused problems like the flickering of the display and a black screenissues with save data, random disc ejection, party chat glitches and consoles locking up, but with all these issues, the firmware update added a ton of new features to the PlayStation 4.

And now, another problem has emerged. On Reddit, a user who goes by the name of BrockLanders17 reported a new issue which occurs when you turn on your PlayStation 4; the vibration on the controller is off by default regardless of what you have set it to before turning it off. So every time you turn on your PlayStation 4, you have to turn the vibration on if you prefer playing with the vibration.

Ps4 controller

This isn’t that big of an issue compared to the others but it can be very annoying. Luckily, Sony is working on a new firmware update which will fix all the issues cause by firmware update 1.70 and according to Tidux, the new update will be coming out soon.


Tidux has proved to be a reliable source due his previous info being spot on. Hopefully the new update comes out soon and fixes all these problems people have been having. There isn’t a confirmed date for the new update’s release. We will keep you updated on the matter.

Abdullah Raza


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