PlayStation 4 launching in India and South Africa in December

With the launch window for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One nearing fast, Sony Computer Entertainment, SCE, speaks about how important South Africa is. In an interview MyGaming has with Robert Fisser, General Manager of Playstation MEA (Middle-East, Africa), he was asked if it was a challenge to launch PlayStation 4 specifically in South Africa along with the rest of the world. Fisser explained that while there were a few hurdles, overcoming those showed how much importance South Africa holds for Sony.

If we go back to the PS3, it had a much wider international release window, but now it’s becoming a lot more narrow, so it’s a great achievement that we’re seeing the PS4 being slotted into multiple region release windows simultaneously…

The competitive landscape has also changed, so now we’re prioritising certain markets. Since the PS3, we’ve seen Europe, the Middle-East and Africa making incredible progress as markets, and that’s why the release window was been narrowed so considerably…

There are always the usual challenges of production and output to line it all up with the right timing, but we’re doing the best we can there.

When asked how PlayStation 4 would do in South Africa considering the Xbox One’s launch in South Africa is still amiss, he said:

We don’t comment on competitors’ strategies, but looking at the perception of PS4, the game offerings and the pricing, seeing the response in South Africa, we’re very pleased and that’s what gets us excited ahead of the launch.

Initially, PlayStation 4 was supposed to be released on 6th December this year according to Ster-Kinekor with a price of R6,299. The console will ship with a Dualshock 4 controller, 500GB of harddisk and a 14-days PlayStation Plus trial but Ster-Kinekor later on confirmed that the release has been delayed and the price won’t see be affected unless there’s a change in the currency exchange rates.

Additionally, Ster-Kinekor couldn’t confirm a release date but ensured that they are trying their best to have the console available by Christmas.


Also along with this news, India’s official PlayStation website stated that the console will be available for pre-order very soon from the website. Sony India’s country head for PlayStation, Atindriya Bose was quoted saying:

(the) India launch date will be declared at a later stage. The segregation of the launch dates has been done to have the best launch possible in each of the territories backed by adequate stocks available at launch date. The India launch date is being planned based on the logistics requirements and local market planning. The current exchange rate fluctuations mean that we will be able to declare the final launch price (both for the console as well as the games) at a date closer to the launch date.

Sony has been recently announcing and adding countries to its launch list for the PlayStation 4. PlayStation 4 will see its launch on 15th November for North America, 29th November for Australia and Europe whereas in Japan the console will be launched on 22nd Februrary 2014.

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