PlayStation 4 Makes It To ‘Page 3’ In UK, Overtakes Long Running Glamour Models

It was a historical day for everyone; gamers and Sony a like. With the console seeing a very successful launch in Europe, it was a dream come true for the corporation to see such success. With various landmarks and buildings marked with PlayStation 4 ads, everything screamed “PlayStation 4” from their beauty. From Colosseum to Boats, everything saw their equal share of the ads.

But that is not all, Sony went above and beyond in Britain by renting out the space in the British tabloid The Sun and not just any other page, the most popular page known as ‘Page 3’. If you’re an avid reader of The Sun tabloid then you will be no stranger to Page 3, Page 3 is widely famous for softcore pornography featuring topless models. ‘Page 3’ became widely popular that the feature was copied by several others internationally.

Check out the ad below:

page3page3adSony apologizes to the glamour model, Rosie Jones from Middlesex, as it was her day today to be featured on Page 3 and lists that today’s Page 3 is for the players. However Sony did make one mistake and that is they got her age wrong. Rosie Jones turned 23 this July but Sony lists her age here as 22.

Nevertheless, this is the first time that a console has been featured up there on Page 3 and it really can be said that Sony left no stone unturned or did nothing in their power to spread the news about the most powerful console of the next-generation, the PlayStation 4. So if you’re picking up the tabloid today, you’ll be greeted by a sexy black lady on Page 3 who is also the most powerful one among her likes.

Are you living in Great Britain? Have you gotten you hands on your PlayStation 4? Have you picked up today’s The Sun and smiled when you turned over to Page 3? Let us know in the comments below.


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