PlayStation 4 Might Not Launch In India This Year

Earlier the reports suggested that the PlayStation 4 will be launched in India later this year along with South Africa’s launch of the PlayStation 4 in December this year. The official PlayStation website for India first hinted that the console will be available for a late 2013 launch but now the website has removed the 2013 from the official PlayStation India website.




Sony India’s country head for PlayStation, Atindriya Bose was also quoted before, saying:

(the) India launch date will be declared at a later stage. The segregation of the launch dates has been done to have the best launch possible in each of the territories backed by adequate stocks available at launch date. The India launch date is being planned based on the logistics requirements and local market planning. The current exchange rate fluctuations mean that we will be able to declare the final launch price (both for the console as well as the games) at a date closer to the launch date.

The reason could be that Sony might be diverting its stock to countries with a lot of pre-orders and Sony’s Jack Tretton also promised that the PlayStation 4 will also be available on shelf in stores along with the pre-orders citing that they have enough stock. PlayStation 4 was suppose to launch in 32 different countries this year, with now reports suggesting that 2013 launch of the PlayStation 4 is looking grim for India, it might see a launch in February 2014 along with the PlayStation 4 launch in Japan.

So [I] cannot confirm 2013 immediately as that is almost within a month of the EU launch date. With country logistics and certain regulatory requirements, it looks a pretty tight call,” Bose stated earlier citing that since EU launch date was set to November 29, it would be a pretty tight call for PlayStation 4’s India launch.

However recently in a Sony keynote delivered during an exhibition held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, it confirmed that PlayStation 4 will launch on December 13 in Saudi Arabia. Microsoft on the other hand played wisely by sticking to 13 key countries, which Microsoft believes are major key players for sales, by not stretching its stock with a simultaneous release on November 22.

PlayStation 4 launches on November 15 in North America and November 25 in Europe and Australia.

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