PlayStation 4 Passes Life-To-Date Sales Of PlayStation Vita In Japan

Sony’s PlayStation 4 launched back in February 2014 for Japan. It has managed to sell at a rather decent pace so far and after the sales result shared by Japanese Sales Tracker Media Create for last week, it looks like the PlayStation Vita has now fallen behind the PlayStation 4 in life-to-date sales even though it launched earlier.

PlayStation 4 sales have now hit more than 5.75 million units in Japan, which is a little over the current PlayStation Vita sales that stand at 5.65 million. PlayStation 4 also has received a strong support from Japanese developers with games like Final Fantasy XV, Dragon Quest XI and Persona 5 launching for the PlayStation 4, while Monster Hunter World and Kingdom Hearts 3 is planned to release next year.

Sony’s PlayStation Vita portable unfortunately hasn’t fared well when it comes to the sales worldwide, however it managed to keep chugging along in Japan with a steady but low sales. However, ever since the Nintendo Switch was released, the PlayStation Vita hasn’t managed to quite keep up in term of sales and has received a drop of close to 50% in overall sales this year compared to last year.

While the PlayStation Vita has been on the market for 6 years now, the PS4 has just hit its stride and will continue seeing strong support in Japan with the upcoming games that are slated for it.

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