PlayStation 4 Pre-Ordered On GameStop To Be Received A Week Early In UK? [Update]

Sony’s PlayStation 4 is just 2 weeks away from being launched in Europe. Apparently, one lucky individual got a call from GameStop Europe that his pre-order of the PlayStation 4 Killzone Bundle will be available to him a week earlier than the official date which is November 29 for Europe.


This isn’t surprising and won’t be the first time such a thing has happened, as many retailers have delivered many pre-orders early for game titles and what not. It is also possible that the individual who got the call might have heard the GameStop employee incorrectly; instead of hearing November 29 he may have heard November 22. But if this is true, and that GameStop will be breaking the street date for the PlayStation 4 preorders, then many others who have pre-ordered the console might be receiving a similar call from GameStop soon.

The Killzone: Shadow Fall Bundle comes with two DualShock 4 controllers along with the PS Camera.

UPDATE: PlayStation Europe’s Blog Manager, Fred Dutton, has put rest to this rumor. You can read about it here: PlayStation 4 Coming Out On November 22 Rumor Debunked By PS EU Blog Manager

Stay with us as we bring you more information regarding this news.

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