PlayStation 4 and PS Vita Bundle Strongly Hinted To Appear At Christmas [Update]

PlayStation 4 has been officially launched in the North America and will be released to the much anticipating and patient crowd of Europe, next week. Previously, Fergal Gara, Sony Computer Entertainment’s Vice President and Managing Director of UK, said that before the PlayStation 4 launch they were not targeting to produce a box to fit both PS Vita and the PlayStation 4 but stated that it is not a hard thing to do. He lastly said that Sony is in the planning phase for such bundles.

Gara’s statements hinted that it is not an unreal possibility. Seeing how PlayStation 4 was built from the ground up to have seamless integration with PS Vita.

Today, it was revealed by MCVUK that this Christmas, Sony is not all about PlayStation 4 but have also thrown £2.5million behind PS Vita as well. The £2.5million by Sony is for a TV campaign for PS Vita titled “The Best Way To Play”. The ad campaign will feature both PS Vita’s connectivity to PlayStation 4 and the well-received exclusive PS Vita title “Tearaway”.


Senior Product Manager at Sony, Ben Law, also stated the company is really excited to move PS Vita into Christmas.

We’re really excited for Vita as we move into Christmas,

We’ve got a great campaign with key messaging around new releases like Tearaway, the ever-growing game catalogue and the Remote Play service.

It seems it won’t be long now until we hear an official word from Sony about the PS Vita bundle.

UPDATE: It’s here, it’s real. A tweet from Videogamer’s Dave Scammel confirms and shows the ‘Ultimate’ bundle that will be launched in 2013.

Here’s the full image of PlayStation Vita’s Key Releases and Marketing showing the PS4 & PS Vita Bundle:


What do you think about this bundle? Will it finally convince you that PS Vita is a great handheld device on its own? Do you own PlayStation 4 and PS Vita already? Let us know in the comments below.

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