PlayStation 4 Is Reported Being “Loud” By Many

PlayStation 4 has just seen its official and most successful launch in the history of PlayStation. Although some of the lucky (or unlucky) individuals who received their PlayStation 4 ahead of launch reported problems with the hardware such as looser HDMI ports, FW issues bricking the PlayStation 4 and more.

Now since the PlayStation 4 is officially launched and in the hands of many, people are now reporting that PlayStation 4 is “noisy” and that its making a “loud noise” constantly when turned on. This problem has been faced by many users, one user also recorded a video to show how loud the PlayStation 4 was being. It looks like his PlayStation 4 is not in any cramped up place where ventilation would be a problem.

You can watch the video below:

A second video by the same person:

You can also check out some of the comments on the video where many are facing the same issue as well as some indicating that the room temperature might be too hot. This issue has also been seen facing by a lot of other gamers throughout the message boards as well. It is also possible that it might have been damaged somehow, either by dropping or by some other reason. Of course there might be several different factors at play and the number of affected individuals might be to a bare minimum and can be an isolated issue. PlayStation’s Official Community also has users posting about the issue which you can check here.

Have you gotten your PlayStation 4 yet? Are you facing the same issue with the PlayStation 4 being loud? Let us know in the comments below.


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