PlayStation 4 Sees Act of Terror, Smashed Brutally On Launch Day

PlayStation 4 has just launched officially in the North America. While there have been lucky individuals who have received the PlayStation 4 earlier than the launch date, it has been exciting to see all sorts of impressions of the PlayStation 4 from the gamers themselves.

While some who were lucky to get their hands on a PlayStation 4 apparently didn’t appreciate what they had. We brought you the news yesterday that a brand new PlayStation 4, which was unboxed by the same individual, was “shot through the heart” by a .50 caliber automatic rifle. Another such instance of news has surfaced where a kid who got his PlayStation 4 on launch day officially by waiting outside a Best Buy store in Orlando, took it outside and smashed, yes smashed, it brutally with a bat. No reason was given by him for the destruction of such a beautiful piece of hardware, which he was lucky to have obtained it at launch day. Our guess is, he might be a diehard fan of PlayStation’s competition; the Xbox One.

You can watch the video below:

First a .50 caliber automatic rifle and now a bat? What more will PlayStation 4 be put through? Let us know in the comments below.

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