PlayStation 4 Sells Almost Twice The Number Of Xbox One In January NPD

According to recent sales figures of NPD, PS4 has sold almost twice the amount of units compared to its competitor Xbox One. This news was revealed by Geoff Keighley on Twitter.

This news won’t be surprising to many as PS4 faced shortage with supply and lack of hardware during December, due to launch in different markets of the world. Sony had promised more stock for PS4 and this can be seen in the latest sales figure of PS4 in January NPD.

Geoff Keighley also revealed that Tomb Raider on PlayStation 4 outsold the Xbox One version 2:1.

Meanwhile Microsoft has also revealed their sales for the Xbox in January NPD. On the official Xbox Blog, Yusuf Mehdi talked about the sales for Xbox hardware and software.

We are incredibly humbled and proud to see Xbox One continue to be the best launch of an Xbox in our history. Comparatively, Xbox One consoles have sold at a rate of 2.29 times faster than Xbox 360 in the U.S. in the same timeframe for the first three months on the market. From our blazing start out of the gate, we have continued to see Xbox One delight fans in 13 markets around the world, with many more markets to come this year.

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