PS4: Sony reveals 1.6GHz CPU clock speed for PlayStation 4 – 43x faster than a PlayStation 2

In a recent post on Google+ Sony UK has officially and for the first time officially announced the clock speed for Playstation 4. The AMD processor therefore runs at 1.6GHz and the performance of the PS4 is destined to be as high as those of 43 Playstation 2 consoles. Even though it runs a octa 1.6GHz core, the clock speed for PlayStation 4 is declared to be 8 x 1.6GHz, it still seems to be just a basic clock.

Having that in mind, we still can’t jump to conclusions. Even though this chipset has a capability of running at 2.75GHz, no official interpretation is yet to be found as to why it has been limited but that of the only logical explanation given of overheating. As per the official teaser text of the Google+ post “The PS4, with a clock speed of 8 x 1.6GHz (or 43X the PS2). 2 + 2 doesn’t always = 4 ;)” – Sony


Comparison – 1.6 GHz clock speed for PlayStation 4 versus the 1.75 GHz clock speed for Xbox One

For due comparison, an Xbox One CPU was clocked at 1.6GHz with the GPU clocking at 800MHz. Microsoft then increased both of them to 1.75GHz and 853MHz respectively. But a recent Substance Engine benchmark revealed that the PS4 CPU is faster than that of the Xbox One. In commentaries however, there is often a question as to why no comparisons with the Playstation 3 are drawn. The eight x86-64 cores of the Playstation 4 are not even as far as technically advanced as it was the Cell processor of the Playstation 3 in 2006! But again, Sony did say referring to the clock speed for PlayStation 4, that it has a capability if running up to 2.75GHz. Either way, the Substance Engine report is as follows.


Now how this works is, by rapidly and exceedingly decreasing the file and making use of dynamic effects in real time. Hence accordingly, the clock speed for PlayStaion 4’s CPU occasionally seems to accelerate to 2 GHz. There is evidence by results in Substance Engine benchmark in which the PS4 can handle 14 MiByte per seconds of textures per second, the Xbox One with only 12 MiByte per seconds. With the performance of the core i7 benchmarked at 26 MiByte per second, the performance of the GPU core can be only speculated. So despite all speculation, this picture still doesn’t tell you the whole story. The dog-fight between the Xbox One and PS4 continues!

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