PlayStation 4 trophies start appearing for Playroom, Skylanders and FIFA 14

PlayStation 4 launch is near and there might be some lucky users out there with a PlayStation 4. We have got a listing for several PlayStation 4 trophies on

You can check out the trophies for Playroom, FIFA 14 and Skylanders: Swap Force. All of these are launch games so it is not surprising to see them getting listed here. As it appears, most of the trophies for Playroom are hidden so we can’t see them yet. Additionally, there is a “Tutorial Shooting Game” with a trophy set included as well.

Playroom is a sort of a proof of concept demo for the functions of Dualshock 4 and PlayStation Eye. It will be available freely to every PlayStation 4 users and as can be seen above, it comes with its own set of trophies as well. We can compare it to Welcome Park of PlayStation VITA.

PlayStation 4 will launch in United States on November 15th 2013. It will launch in EU on 29th Novemeber while Japan will get it in February.

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