PlayStation 4 UI Finally Shown in Brand New Direct-Feed Videos

PlayStation 4 UI has now finally been revealed in this set of direct-feed videos. We see an extensive walkthrough of Menus, Friends, Profile, DVR, Twitch, Apps, Store, Remote Play of the PlayStation 4 UI.

Keep in mind that Sony hasn’t officially revealed PlayStation 4 UI so what we have got now is the unofficial UI walkthrough by Arekkz Gaming on YouTube.

You can check out these videos below.

The UI looks clean, slick and simple to the point of purchasing games and using basic functions of the PlayStation 4. If you have PlayStation 4 Camera, you can apparently login using facial recognition as well. The PlayStation Store has also gotten a visual overhaul and looks much better now.

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One user was lucky enough to get a early PlayStation 4 and he managed to share plenty of cool details on twitter, you can check them out here.

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