PlayStation 4’s Backup Options And Audio Setting Options Outlined

Cjcool804 recently became the talk of the internet for possessing a PlayStation 4 ahead of its launch this Friday. Although cjcool804 has stated that he cannot download or log in to his PSN/SEN ID because the system requires an update and that when the update is checked through the console itself, it states that the system already has the latest update. This shows that Sony is yet to greenlight the Day One update numbered 1.50 on the direct access servers.

Not willing to venture deep into the games he own because of the progress saving, cjcool804 started cruising around the UI of the PlayStation 4 and informed us about the features and functionality of the console. He showed us a bootup on the retail console (which as of now has been taken down by SCEA), took us on a tour of variety of options offered by the PlayStation 4.

The recent images from him show the backup options present on the PlayStation 4 along with the audio setup on the console.


Since the PlayStation 4 supports a multitude of resolutions (yes it also supports 480p despite having only HDMI as the input signal), the audio can be either from HDMI input itself or from the Digital Out (optical).


The Audio Format setting has three options present:

  • Linear PCM
  • Bitstream (Dolby)
  • Bitstream (DTS)


The backup options on the PlayStation 4 allow you to directly backup to the cloud storage provided to the PlayStation Plus subscribers, the same as on the PlayStation 3, along with the option to copy your saved data to a removable disk such as a thumb drive. You can then take the backed up data and insert it to any other PlayStation 4 and restore from it and start playing with your own data or you can just keep the backed up data in a safe place.


Stay tuned with us as we bring you more information about the PlayStation 4.

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