PlayStation App 2.0 Update Now Live On iOS/Android

If you were waiting for the latest update to PlayStation App on the iOS/Android, you should be able to grab it now and update to latest version. The newest update to PlayStation App is now officially live online. It will be followed by an update to the PSTV and PS Vita along with a major firmware update to the PlayStation 4.

This new update seems to have made the app faster and more responsive. If you haven’t received the update automatically, you can force it manually by going to the updates section manually, and installing the update from there. The update is out on both, iOS and Android. Check out the changelog below.

– The home screen has been redesigned.
– Tablet layout is now supported.
– [Players You May Know] will now appear on your Friends list.
– You can now create a link for your Friend request and share it with other people.
– You can now search for other players using their real names.

This new update is planned for the firmware 2.0 on the PlayStation 4. This new firmware will be the biggest update for the PlayStation 4 yet. It will be also released today at an unspecified time.

Have you updated to this latest version of PlayStation App? Did you notice any improvements? Let us know in the comments below.

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