PlayStation Blog Updated To Add a Section For PS5 News

Sony has updated the official PlayStation Blog after a long time to add a new tag for PS5 specific news. This adds to the rumor of an official reveal soon.

Sony has been silently working behind the scenes to update the official PlayStation website. They have now updated the official PlayStation Blog as well while adding a new tag for PS5 specific news. This seems to hint at an impending announcement from Sony which has been rumored as early as this June.

The PS5 tag will separate the news related to PS5 only games, hardware, and other announcements. Sony hasn’t formally announced any of their first-party games that are coming exclusively to the PS5 but that is expected to change soon.

PlayStation 5 is currently set to launch in Holiday 2020. Sony has already confirmed that they will release exclusive games on the console while Microsoft is taking a different approach with the Xbox Series X, making games cross-generation in the launch window for the console.

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