Playstation Classic games will be the 50Hz PAL versions, here’s why that’s bad

Playstation Classic will apparently have the 50Hz PAL versions of the game’s ISOs on board and that’s not a good thing.

Fighting games community legend Mark Julio confirmed that the version of Tekken 3 he saw running on the Playstation Classic was the European version of the game for PAL regions that ran at 50Hz.

Unlike the PAL regions, where TVs ran at 50Hz by standard, NTSC regions like the USA and Japan enjoyed 60Hz games. The refresh rates are really important as games running at 50Hz are essentially running slower than their 60Hz counterparts, which is especially annoying and noticeable in fast paced games like Tekken 3.

Mark further confirmed that the console he saw the game running on was the North American version, which means Sony essentially created one console for the whole Western market.

You may be asking why would Sony do this, putting in the inferior versions of the game on the Playstation Classic? The main region is probably the bundled languages. The North American version of the games would at max have had 2 languages on board, while the PAL versions had 5. Nowadays we’re lucky to get region free games with multiple languages in different regions, but that wasn’t the case in the days of the PS1.

What do you this of this news? Will you be getting a Playstation Classic now? Let us know in the comments below.

Bonus: Here’s a video showing the difference between NTSC and PAL side by side.

The Playstation Classic releases on December 3 for $99.99, check out the full list of games here.

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