PlayStation Classic Has A Built-In Emulator Settings To Toggle FPS, NTSC Region, More

PlayStation Classic might be a terrible attempt from Sony to cash on the success of similar products from Nintendo, but it apparently has some hidden features under the hood that can be easily accessed.

Retro Gaming Arts managed to get the PlayStation Classic emulator running with a set of options that allowed to change range, show FPS and much more. They were all easily accessible through a simple hack that was discovered and shared as seen in the video below.

How To Access PlayStation Classic Emulator Settings?

Now here is the interesting part of the video. You can actually access these emulator settings by plugging in a USB keyboard to PlayStation Classic. This apparently doesn’t work for all keyboards and will require a specific type. Some suggestions that were thrown around were for Logitec and Corsair keyboards. Corsair K75 is one of the keyboards confirmed to work with this method.

Once you have the keyboard, plug it into PlayStation Classic and press the Escape key to access this hidden debug menu.

Now once you have access to this debug menu, you can try to change settings like forcing NTSC region from the PAL 50 Hz one that is running on the default setting. There are also options to use multiple save states and while there is no confirmation of the performance issues resolved this way, there is no harm in trying it.

PlayStation Classic uses an open source emulator so these options making their way here is no surprise. They were likely kept for debugging purpose but Sony, as it was the case with most of the PlayStation Classic features, likely forgot to remove these debug options from the console before shipping the final product.

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