PlayStation Europe Team Members Finally Get Their Hands On PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4 has now launched in Europe and North America. Sony’s Worldwide Studios are scattered through out the world, a lot of them belong to Europe as well. Now that PlayStation 4 is officially released here in Europe, they have finally gotten their hands on the actual retail consoles.

From Guerrilla Games to Quantic Dreams, everyone has now officially gotten a PlayStation 4. Below, you can find some of the pictures of these folks getting their PlayStation 4 and you can see their happiness over finally being able to play the product, that they worked so hard on.

First up is Shahid Kamal Ahmed and his PlayStation 4. He tries to mimic the famous “Licking PSP” picture but tries it with the actual box. He can be later seen carrying the box in his office.

Next up are the ambitious and skilled developers at Guerrilla Games, who have finally gotten their PlayStation 4.

Lastly, here is Quantic Dream’s co-CEO G de Fondaumiere, who has gotten a very special PlayStation 4.

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