PlayStation Experience 2016 Date Leaked, Venue Confirmed

Sony has yet to officially announce PlayStation Experience 2016 but its official date might have been leaked thanks to an update on the registration website for the event.

If you head over to the PlayStation Experience registration website, you will notice a new shiny banner that advertises the new date for the upcoming PlayStation Experience event. We can see from the banner that PlayStation Experience 2016 will be now held at Anaheim Convention Center from December 3rd to 4th.


Sony hasn’t formally announced the date for this upcoming event but now that it has been leaked, expect an official confirmation from Sony soon.

PlayStation Experience was originally started in 2014 and focuses on PlayStation exclusive games for the PS platforms including PS3, PS4 and PS Vita. Since we are getting PS VR in October, expect to see some VR games at PSX 2016 this year.

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