PlayStation finally getting Discord, integration to be done by 2022

With the increase in cross-platform games, Sony has finally decided to invest in Discord and bring it to the PlayStation network by early next year.

Details about the integration are very limited and Sony’s announcement only stats that the two companies are “hard at work connecting Discord with your social and gaming experience on PlayStation Network.” whether it means the whole Discord app coming to PlayStation consoles or a smaller scale integration for example connecting PSN and Discord accounts so friends can easily chat off platform has yet to be seen.

Sony is now also a minority investor in Discord as part of their Series H investment round. How much was invested is unspecified but we are expecting very positive things out of this investment for the whole of the gaming community.

Since the release of games like Fortnite which had cross-platform support, players always had issues with communicating with players on different platforms. Especially since most PC players only use Discord because of it’s smooth and almost flawless VOIP over most games in-game voice chat. But if they wanted to play with their friends on console they had to use the in-game voice chat, which has many flaws(not being able to talk when games are loading). This all will be changing once Discord gets integrated in the PlayStation network by early 2022.

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