PlayStation Network Maintenance Coming Up Next Week

On the PlayStation Network Status website, Sony stated that the PlayStation Network services will be going down next week.

Sony revealed that the PlayStation Network will be undergoing scheduled maintenance. They also revealed that the only console that will be effected by the maintenance is the PS4. No other consoles, PS3 and PS Vita, will be effected by the upcoming maintenance.

PlayStation4 Featured image PlayStation Network

The maintenance will go on for one hour and will start at 10:30 PM PT to 11:30 PM PT, and it will take place on October 25. This means that the maintenance will take place from 1:30 AM ET to 2:30 AM ET on October 26.

When the maintenance is taking place, players will be able to use the PlayStation Network as they usually would. However, they will not be able to access the PlayStation Store, Account Management and PlayStation Video.

Sony Expects to Sell 1.4 Million PSVR Headsets This Year

Yesterday, alongside the Red Dead Redemption 2 trailer, Sony revealed that players on the PS4 will be getting exclusive content for the upcoming western shooter. Sony did not specify on what the players will be getting, but we can expect some great exclusive content from Sony. The company currently has a similar deal with Bungie, where PS4 users have exclusive strikes and weapons in Destiny, which are not available on the Xbox One.

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