PlayStation Network Services Are Reportedly Down Worldwide

PlayStation Network services are currently experiencing a downtime that appears to apply across all of its services. There is no way to open the official PlayStation Webstore or to login into PSN. Even the usual PlayStation Network services like PlayStation Vue and PlayStation Now appear to be down right now.

The official status page for the PlayStation Network confirms the downtime for its service while the downdetector website has multiple reports of downtime for the PSN. These reports are getting updated from all over the world so this is not limited to a specific region.

Meanwhile on reddit, there is a huge thread over the same issue where people are talking about the downtime for PSN. Apparently the issue started around half hour ago.

This downtime is unexpected as Sony did announce a scheduled maintenance, but it was never set for today. So it is surprising to find out that the whole PlayStation Network is down right now. We will update this article once we get any information regarding the possible cause of this downtime.

Let us know if you are experiencing any issues with PSN in the comments below.

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