PlayStation Now Might Start Offering Xbox Game Pass Like Download Game Option

PlayStation Now is a game streaming service that is available for the PS4 and PC. It works on the basis of streaming game data from the Cloud and this makes its use limited in the majority of the world.

Recently, a Reddit user has managed to discover a ‘Download Game’ option on his PlayStation Now subscription service. This option didn’t exactly do anything for him but perhaps it was a simple mistake from Sony that shows they might consider allowing downloading games directly from the service, just like it is the case with Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass.

PlayStation Now currently has a limited amount of servers worldwide. It does offer more than 600 games and not just from the PS4 library but the majority of them are from the PS3. If the ability to download games is added to the PlayStation Now subscription, perhaps it will be limited to just the PS4 games on the PS4. It remains to be seen what kind of solution the PC version will be able to get in this case, since it can’t emulate the games natively.

If this rumor turns out to be true, there is a good chance we might get an announce from Sony about it, but as it stands, this might be taken with a huge grain of salt since Sony isn’t known to release their games in this manner.

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