Playstation Now rumored to be coming to PC

Sony’s game streaming service, Playstation Now, is rumored to be prepping for release on PC. The rumor comes in from French site Gamekult which claims that the official announcement could be made as soon as later this month. A release in Europe is planned first followed by North America a month later.

The service if released on PC will obviously require compatible controllers and a decent internet connection. The release of Playstation Now on PC could also result in official DS3 and DS4 drivers finally being released. Currently users are forced to use third party drivers like XInput.

According to our sources, the announcement is planned for August 23rd, with a launch in Belgium, Netherland and UK in the first place, with United States and Canada following one week later.

Playstation Now recommends a 5mbps connection which is fairly easily available around most of planned release areas.


Playstation Now features a massive catalogue that adds more games every so often so PC players should definitely be excited. Guess what? PC fans can finally play Uncharted on their PC.

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Would you be using Playstation Now on PC if the rumor turns out to be true? Let us know in the comments.

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