PlayStation Plus December 2017 Free Games Lineup Predictions

PlayStation Plus free games lineup for the month of December 2017 are expected to be announced this Wednesday. The games lineup usually get announced on the last Wednesday of each month so this time is no exception here. For the month of November 2017, PS Plus users were able to enjoy games like Bound, Worms Battlegrounds and Until Dawn: Rush of Blood.

December has usually been a pretty decent month when it comes to games for the PlayStation Plus subscribers. Recently Sony had their Black Friday sale on the PlayStation Store which offered discounts on a wide range of games from first to third party.

PlayStation Plus Free Games Lineup For December 2017

If you have been following the monthly sales for the PlayStation Store, you might notice the trend of games that are offered on discount are usually the ones that don’t appear on the PlayStation Plus subscription the following month. For the month of December 2017, our prediction is going to be mostly focusing on the first and third party games.

For PS4, we expect atleast The Order 1886 to hit the PlayStation Plus subscription. It is another game that hasn’t been offered in a sale on Black Friday and it has been discounted as low as $9.99 on the PlayStation Store. However aside from The Order 1886, Killzone Shadowfall and Gravity Rush 1 are both good contenders because these have already been available on the PS+ subscription for Asia and Japan.

The other game is usually a third party here so I expect Darksiders 2: Deathinitive Edition to be announced for next month. This is because the game was also a part of the PS Plus subscription in Asia for July 2017. It was the same for Just Cause 3 which was later made available on PS+ so maybe we can see the same here.

When To Expect PS Plus Free Games 2017 Announcement

Sony has a tendency to announce the games lineup for PS Plus on the last Wednesday of each month. Judging from this, expect to get an official confirmation for the PS Plus games on November 29th.

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