PlayStation Plus In March: Could Helldivers Be Heading To PS+?

PlayStation Plus games for the month of March are still far away from official announcement but a recent set of comments from one of the game developers point to their game coming to PlayStation Plus in March.

Helldivers is an upcoming indie game from Arrowhead Game Studios. It was originally announced at Gamescom in 2013 and is finally going to get officially released on March 3rd, 2015. You can check this game in action below.

The game is being released on all three PlayStation platforms including PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. It is also getting a release early next year, which is dangerously close to the week when we get PlayStation Plus games for the particular month. They didn’t mention a price of the game, which is another odd thing to add here.

While it hasn’t been officially confirmed in a serious way, the developers of the game, Arrowhead Studios, did tease about the possibility of the game ending on PlayStation Plus on reddit. They later edited their comment to clarify that they were not officially confirming anything yet, but considering the fact that all the signs point to it being a potential PlayStation Plus release, there is a high chance it ends up as a part of the PlayStation Plus lineup in March.

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