PlayStation Plus Not Required To Play No Man’s Sky Online

There have been a lot of questions surrounding No Man’s Sky recently. One of which is, does the game need to be played online. A lot of the features in No Man’s Sky do not require an online connection, as the game generates the world itself. The developers themselves have categorized the game as a single player game, in a multiplayer universe.

However, some features, like the Atlas, do require an online connection. The Atlas allows players to upload and save their world. You can also locate your friends in the game, and even explore the world with them. All of these features require an online connection, but to play online, PlayStation 4 users have to be PlayStation Plus subscribers.

No Man's Sky

For No Man’s Sky, players will not require a PlayStation Plus subscription to play the game online. Game Informer Australia’s David Milner confirmed this information after talking to PlayStation PR.

This is great news, as No Man’s Sky players will not have to buy a PlayStation Plus subscription, and play the game as soon as they get their hands on it.

PlayStation’s official Youtube channel recently release a series of trailers that feature the four main aspects of No Man’s Sky, Explore, Fight, Trade, and Survive. The Explore trailer gave fans an idea of just how vast the world in No Man’s Sky is, with eighteen quintillion planets.

No Man's Sky explore

All of these planets are inhabited by different creatures, and not all of them as friendly. The trailer called ‘Fight’ features the game’s combat system. In the game, players will have to defend themselves from monstrous creatures, deadly robots, and the game even features space combat.

No Man’s Sky has a trading system that will allow players to buy and sell resources. The resources you collect on planets can be sold to traders. The final trailer, Survive, has not yet been released, and is expect to come out within the next few days.

No Man's Sky Rated T For Teen By ESRB

The game will present players with almost infinite possibilities. No Man’s Sky is a must buy for everyone when it comes out on August 9th in the U.S, August 10th in Europe, and August 12th in the UK.

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