PlayStation Store Sales This Week Include Square Enix, Bethesda And Darksiders Sale For PS3 And PS4

PlayStation Store is having a massive sale this week from publisher Square Enix and Bethesda Softworks. There is also a sale on the Darksiders franchise perhaps to drum up the hype for the re-release of Darksiders 2 on PS4.

Check out the games included in this sale from the list below.

Square Enix Sale Store Link to Sale

se-sale-psn-1 se-sale-psn-2 se-sale-psn-3

Bethesda Softworks SaleStore Link to Sale

bethesda-psn-sale-1 bethesda-psn-sale-2

Darksiders SaleStore Link to Sale


Let us know what you think about this latest sale in the comments below.

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