PlayStation Store’s Updated Web Interface Now Makes It Faster And More User Friendly

Sony has finally updated the official PlayStation Web Store to reflect some new changes. While the changes are mostly subtle, there is a much needed change to the way gift cards are redeemed on the PlayStation Store. Previously, if you redeemed a gift card through the web store, you would have to go through a new window as you wait for the window to appear for entering the gift code. This process is much more simpler now.

As the images show, the new interface that has been added to the web store simply opens a short window in the side of the browser instead of doing a complete page refresh, making the process of redeeming codes much more faster and reliable. You simply enter the redeem code and then claim it right in the short sidebar without having to resort to loading a new page, not to mentioning logging into your account again every time you redeem a code.

There are some other small tweaks made as well like the download list has been replaced by download queue while you can now manually go to the download list directly from queue. The download queue has also been refreshed since I remember that a failed payment for a pre-order, which I had cancelled, was stuck there for ages. It has been all but removed now thankfully.

Let us know if you have noticed any other major change in the new PlayStation Webstore in the comments below.

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