PlayStation Vita Firmware Update 3.68 Out Now

PlayStation Vita has received a brand new firmware update today. This update was released after a long time which had led fans to speculate that it might be related to an unreleased exploit for the PS Vita. Keep in mind that it is possible now to hack the PS Vita but it is not possible to do so on the latest firmware.

The firmware update will patch the system software to version 3.68 and it is a mandatory update required for playing online on the PS Vita. According to some rumors surrounding the PS Vita homebrew scene, there was an exploit in development for the PS Vita that could have made it possible to hack in on 3.67 firmware. Perhaps this update is an attempt to patch out any of the potential exploits.

PlayStation Vita had a rather moderate success in Japan but sales of the handheld didn’t fare well in the Western market. Sony hasn’t released a first party game on the PS Vita for a long time now but it is still getting strong support from indie developers and some third party publishers. It can also be used as a remote play device for the PS4, which means you can theoretically play most of the PS4 games on it through remote play.

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Let us know if you have noticed any changes after installing this new firmware update in the comments below.

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