PlayStation Vita Officially Discontinued In Spain

Sony has discontinued the PlayStation Vita in Spain as confirmed by the official Twitter account. The handheld has already struggled to sell in most of the world and had a minor success in Japan but the sales are slowing down fast with time. It was already considered a ‘legacy’ device by Sony back in 2016 and while it had some degree of success in Spain outside from Japan, it is now discontinued there with no official sale of the hardware or accessories.

This response was made by the official PlayStation Spain Twitter account when a user questioned the lack of official retail presence of the PlayStation Vita hardware. The twitter account confirmed that the handheld has been discontinued in Spain.

PlayStation Vita has sold the most in Japan where its sales are getting close to the 6 million milestone, although it is quite a step down if compared to the PlayStation Portable. Worldwide, the sales are relatively unknown since Sony stopped reporting it long ago but estimates don’t really paint a positive picture, especially after the surprising success of the PSP.

PlayStation Vita launched in 2012 and was considered an impressive handheld based on its specs and prices. It didn’t achieve success because of the struggling portable market and the rise of smart phones among other factors, but Sony also made it harder by making it restricted to propriety memory cards.

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