PlayStation Vita Sales Surpass More Than 5 Million In Japan

PlayStation Vita definitely isn’t having the same success as its predecessor but it has managed to sell decently throughout its life despite all the doom and gloom surrounding it. The Sony handheld has now surpassed more than 5 million units sold in Japan according to the sales tracker Media Create.

PlayStation Vita launched in Japan on December 17th, 2011 to moderate success. Despite having lower sales compared to its predecessor, it still managed a pretty good third party support in Japan and recently saw the release of two major games including Dragon Quest Builders and Dragon Quest Heroes II.

PlayStation Vita is still the best selling current generation hardware ahead of the PlayStation 4, which has moved around 2.8 million units in Japan after launching there in February 2014. The sales are also much better than the struggling Wii U, which has managed 3.17 million units sold so far in Japan.


PlayStation Vita was the second handheld released by Sony in Japan after the record breaking success of PlayStation Portable, which has sold more than 20 million in Japan. Compared to the PSP, the sales of PlayStation Vita don’t paint a positive picture but with more than 5 million sold and a strong third party support in the future, the Vita isn’t going anywhere soon.

If we talk about worldwide sales, the sales take a grim turn as the PS Vita is struggling in majority of the markets aside from Asia.

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