PlayStation VITA vs PlayStation VITA Slim – Comparison of Image Quality

The PlayStation VITA Slim has been released in Japan. Images of comparison are popping up all over the internet. Here we have compiled them all in one place to let you judge the quality yourself.

Japanese website 4Gamer has compared both the VITA Slim and OLED VITA in various settings.

A comparison between the VITA Slim and OLED VITA in total dark. The camera app is in use here to show total darkness on screen. We can see that the LCD is lit by Backlight, which results in kind of a washed out look. OLED provides richer black levels here.

Left: VITA 2000 Right: VITA 1000

A comparison of the color levels between both models (Top = VITA 1000, Bottom = VITA 2000)

vita-slim-3 vita-slim-2

Color accuracy again looks to be better on VITA 1000 compared to VITA 2000.

Comparison of Killzone Mercenary running on both handhelds (Top = VITA 2000, Bottom = VITA 1000)

vita-slim-5 vita-slim-6

The VITA 1000 is the obvious winner here. It is showing superior color levels while VITA 2000 is kind of giving out a watched out like look.

While it may be argued that OLED is superior here for the most part. The VITA 2000 LCD also holds pretty well on its own. The blue/yellow tint is somehow distracting but unless you are comparing both handhelds against each other, it won’t be noticeable to the general public.

RedSunGamer got their hands on both VITA versions and made a comparison video. We have made two GIFs from them to show the quality comparison between both models.

If you want more comparison images, you can look below.

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