PlayStation VR Currently Has 100 Titles In Development

PlayStation VR

PlayStation VR is one of the most anticipated upcoming VR product along with Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

Recently at CES 2016 in Las Vegas, Sony’s CEO Kaz Hirai spoke with BBC where he surprised his fans by announcing that the are more than 100 titles currently in development for the next-gen headgear, PlayStation VR. He also stated that more than 200 developers are working on those titles and that PlayStation VR is going to be a great product. You can have a look at what Kaz Hiari had to say about this below.

“I think the fact that we have more than 200 developers signed up to the PlayStation VR programme who are working on probably about 100 or more titles is a testament to the kind of support we’re getting from the content creation community, so I think that it’ll be a great product.” 

These numbers are similar to the numbers of Oculus Rift as its developers, Oculus VR, also announced that there will be 100 Oculus Rift titles released in 2016. Kaz Hirai also stated that PlayStation VR is important to them because taking gaming into the virtual reality world will be a big thing and it will provide an engaging experience for its fans.

PlayStation VR

100 titles currently in development is a pretty good number but we can’t expect this to be 100% accurate as before the launch of PS Vita, Sony stated that there were also 100 games in development for Vita. Even well known developers like Rockstar, Ubisoft, 2k, EA and many others were supposed to support this hardware, but we are all aware of the fact that it didn’t happen. So we will only have to wait and see what Sony has for PlayStation VR in the future.

There is still no word on the price and release date of PlayStation VR but we will hopefully hear something about them soon. The latest addition in VR gaming is Oculus Rift which is available to pre-order now at a price of $599 and will ship in March 2016.

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