“Plenty Of” Footage For The Order: 1886, Will Have “Metal Bending” Puzzles; Final Build Is Better

Industry Insider DemonNite revealed a bit more info about The Order: 1886 on popular gaming forums NeoGAF. According to him, Ready at Dawn actually made plenty of footage for the press, although he has no idea when they will be released and whether we will see them all today or at a later date. He also talks about The Order: 1886 having “lots of metal bending” puzzles.

the footage in the video isn’t from the final build… obviously.

not sure if that will be in a trailer but you can definitely expect lots of metal bending puzzles in the game.

plenty of vids were prepared.. no idea when they’ll roll them out.

The game has a dynamic destruction system and employs soft body physics. The dynamic destruction system is unique in that sense that it tries to follow the real world rules as close as possible. This dynamic destruction and soft body physics results in the possibility of having unique puzzles in game, of which there are plenty according to the insider.

Earlier, we got some new details regarding The Order: 1886, which shed new light on the game and its gameplay. It is supposed to be ‘dark’ themed and will have plenty of unique weapons. A glimpse of the melee was also shown in a new footage, which got leaked earlier than the embargo, and it showed the beauty of the melee system in The Order: 1886. You can check it out below.

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