“Plenty Of Projects” Still Going On Despite Recent Set Of Layoffs, Ensures Sony Dev

While Sony’s London Studio, Guerrilla Cambridge and Evolution Studio might have faced layoffs, that doesn’t mean that most of the on-going projects will be affected. Sony has confirmed that DriveClub won’t be affected by these layoffs. DemonNite, who is a developer at Sony, has confirmed that while a couple of projects were canned, there are still plenty of on-going projects.

On popular gaming forum NeoGAF, DemonNite talked about these recent set of layoffs, giving his personal opinion on why this happened.

can’t speak for all studios but if a project isn’t looking good, it’s not looking good right? why waste more time making it. SMS just went thru this and the same is happening here.

He then confirmed that despite the layoffs, there are still plenty of projects still going on at the affected studios.

That being said… there are plenty of projects still going on.

When a user asked him if any of the projects were canned, he confirmed that at least 2 of them were affected with these recent layoffs.

umm, 2 erased as far as I’m aware

It is always sad to hear about layoffs hitting the gaming industry, hopefully, those who are affected can find a new workplace soon.

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