Pokemon GO: The Poke Radar App could help you look for the Pokemon you want

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Developers Braydon Batungbacal and Nick DiVona have released an app to aid all you Pokemon GO players if you’re facing difficulty locating rarer Pokemon and keep running into Zubats, Pidgeys and Rattatas. The app is called Poke Radar, and includes a map that helps you search for whatever rare Pokemon you’re looking for in the world.

The app and map are fueled by the Pokemon GO community, so it’s possible for random players to simply drop rare Pokemon all over the map in order to confuse players. However, when tapping any Pokemon icon on the map, you can see whether other Pokemon trainers found the tip reliable or useful depending on whether they upvoted or downvoted it. There is also a filter that helps you what specific Pokemon you want to look for. What time a Pokemon was caught, is also listed, so you know exactly when to search for said Pokemon.

Poke Radar

While it can be argued that Pokemon spawn randomly, there are specific areas on the map that have higher spawn rates for certain Pokemon. So players are more likely to encounter such Pokemon in those areas.

The downsides are, however, that running both apps on your phone take a lot of battery life. The app is only available on the iOS App store at the moment, but their Facebook page says and Android version should be coming soon.

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So Pokemon trainers (iPhone users for now), how many of you are looking to take advantage of the Poke Radar app? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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