Is a Pokemon game coming to the Nintendo Switch? [RUMOR]

Potential great news coming for Nintendo Switch owners as chances are that a Pokemon game could be coming to Nintendo’s latest console fairly soon. Japanese retailer Sinobi recently made a listing for a Nintendo Switch Arcade Controller that would support Pokken Tournament – the Wii U fighting game released last year.

The listing has been now removed as expected but it has led to an interesting discussion of Nintendo potentially re-releasing the game on the new console which would make sense considering the trend followed by other two consoles especially the Playstation 4. A potential release on the Switch would probably be an all star package including characters from the Arcade version that have not made their way to the home version yet.

There’s also been rumor of a ‘Pokemon Stars’ game, headed to the Switch based on Pokemon Sun and Moon. No matter how interesting that may seem, its fair to say that Pokken Tournament is the more likely to happen scenario here considering how long its been since Nintendo has released a Pokemon RPG on home consoles.

Would you like to play Pokken Tournament on the Wii U? Let us know what you think below.

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