Pokemon GO: How To Select Best Pokemon Types For Gym Battles

If you are playing Pokemon GO and trying to win and take over the various gyms that can be located on the world map, this handy little chart can prove to be useful for this occasion.

Each Pokemon is usually given their own type in Pokemon GO. Charmander is Fire type Pokemon while Pikachu is Electric type Pokemon. This usually gives the Pokemon an advantage against the other type of Pokemon that can be weak to their own type. This proves useful in gym battles as players can select the Pokemon type which is stronger against the Pokemon type of the gym leader.

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If you want to see the weakness of each of the Pokemon type, you can take a look at the useful chart below, which goes over this issue in detail.


Additionally, you can try to use a power leveled Vaporeon or Dragonite to take down a gym, as data mining has revealed them to be one of the most powerful Pokemon aside from MewTwo.

You can refer to this guide for capturing Vaporeon or Dragonite. Additionally, you can check out the full stats for each of the Pokemon including MewTwo as well as a CP tier list for all the included Pokemon.

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Pokemon GO is available now for the iOS and Android. It was developed by Niantic Labs and published by Nintendo.

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