Pokemon GO: How To Bypass 3 Steps Glitch For Nearby Pokemon

Pokemon GO users are currently facing an annoying glitch which results in some of the nearby Pokemon showing three steps for them, even if the player is fairly close to locating them on the world map.

While the developer Niantic Labs hasn’t really fixed the issue, there is a trick to bypass the 3 steps glitch until it is officially patched by the developer.

To utilize this trick, you will need to close the Pokemon GO app if your nearby Pokemon still show as 3 steps behind, and open it up again when you are sure to have moved near them. You can follow the handy diagram below to determine the location of each Pokemon that shows up as nearby on the world map.


Forcing the app to close and reopen can often refresh the data gained for each Pokemon resulting in the paw prints data updating on the next boot of the application. If you are stuck with a loading screen that freezes instead, then you can refer to this guide here.

Pokemon GO developer Niantic Labs can hopefully resolve this annoying glitch in a future update. They appear to be quite busy handling the server issues as evident from their latest update, and are releasing the app in more countries worldwide.

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Pokemon GO is available now for the iOS and Android. It was developed by Niantic Labs and published by Nintendo.

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